Welcome to Space Rose, a game loosely based around botany on a spaceship! Your task is to make as much money as possible while surviving by managing your food, water, and air supply. You do this by breeding plants together, combining their traits and potentially revealing new ones. 



Left click a plant to select/deselect it. When you select two plants, the game creates four potential children for you to choose from by dragging one to a pot or the seed chute

Right click to drag plants around.

Ship layout:

The two boxes are seed chutes. Drag a plant there to destroy it and turn it into a seed which can be bred to create new plants but cannot ever provide resource benefits

The bottom row of pots is the freezer; plants there do not consume or produce resources

The top row of pots is the active section; plants there consume and produce resources

The black screens on the sides of the dashboard open up the seed menu

The bars in the middle of the dashboard represent total resources: blue is water, grey is air, and brown is food. Water is naturally produced but consumed by the plants, while food and air are both naturally consumed but produced by the plants.

Plant traits:

The more orange the plant, the more money it is worth per turn, but also the more water it needs and less air it generates. The same is true for size, except that larger plants produce more food instead. Spikes on a plant make it worthless, but highly increase your survivability. The more, larger leaves a plant has, the more water it consumes and air it generates-- plants without leaves neither consume water nor generate air.


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Hey, it's Theo, just wanted to stop by and say this was a really awesome project. I sent some feedback through the google doc previously and I also left a comment about your GMTK Game Jam submission. (It'd be cool if you checked mine out too). It's awesome you've been making so many games and have participated in so many Jams, this is my first one and it was actually pretty fun. I'll make sure to follow you in case you make anything else!