You, a humble die, were roaming the table top when you were suddenly attacked by a wild pack of cards! Defend yourself with abilities that change based on which side of the die is up! Featuring a puzzle section without enemies to try out the controls, and an action section with range of foes, including the river, the dead man's hand, the card shark, and the moon (that shoots you).

Dice Sides:

- One Dot = cast a pip in the direction you are rolling

- Blue Arrows = makes your next cast fire three pips in a spread pattern

- Red Triangle = makes your next cast pierce through three enemies

-Purple Clock = freeze enemies for 1 second

-Green Circular Arrows = knocks back enemies


WASD/Arrows to roll

Space/Left Mouse Button to shoot

M to mute volume

Q or ESC to pause the game

Special thanks to Justin Blumencranz ( for the music!

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